Learn to Crochet Flowers

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What You Need to Start

-Crochet Hook (we use a 4mm hook for this)
-Tapestry Needle
-Medium or Light Yarn


learn how to crochet a flower


Crochet Flower How-To

Learning to crochet can be super easy and creating small flowers is a great way to begin! They are a simple way to fancy up any of your more advanced crocheted items. 

You can use whatever yarn or hook size you'd like, but in this example I am using 8ply yarn and a 4mm hook. 

You begin by creating a magic ring, AKA - an adjustable ring or a magic circle. To use a magic ring in crochet, you’ll make the first round of stitches into an adjustable loop.

To make a magic ring:

1. Start with a slip knot and then make 5 chain stitches
2. Form a ring with the 5 chains by working a slip stitch through the first chain stitch. 


Crochet Flowers


To continue creating the flower:

3. Work 10 to 12 single crochet through the center of the ring. Finish the single stitch round with a slip stitch through the initial stitch of the first round. Pull out an inch of the yarn on the hook and then cut off the yarn from the skein. Pull the loose tail of the yarn to the reverse of your project.
4. Create a slip knot with the yarn you have chosen for the petals. Draw the hook through the top of any one of the single stitches that you worked into your flower.
5. Pull out the slip knot through the stitch and then work 1 chain.
6. Work 10 more chain stitches. For each petal we will work 10 chain stitches. Pull the yarn through the next stitch of the ring.
7. Continue to work the petals by repeating 10 CH and then pulling the 10th stitch through the next stitch of the ring. 
After reaching the first petal, work a slip stitch through that first petal’s first stitch and then pull out 2 inches of the yarn. Cut off yarn from the skein by keeping roughly 2 inches extra as a “tail”.
9. Use the tapestry needle to stitch the tail/loose yarn on the reverse of the flower pattern. Stitch the tail you left from the yellow center to secure that as well.
10. And you're done!


Crochet and yarn