Meet Tess

Farm Girl and mom by day, crocheting connoisseur by evening. Creating alpaca blend comfort and style for the everyday woman, or the everyday farm girl.

About Us

I am Tess, the owner and creator of A Farm Girl by Tess. I live in rural South Dakota on a farm with my husband, Mark, and our three kids. We raise small grains, cattle, and sheep, and chickens are my favorite hobby. 

I started A Farm Girl by Tess in 2021. I wanted something fashionable and warm for our cold South Dakota winters so I put my crochet skills to the test. Then people started asking me if they could buy one themselves. It has been fun and I am so happy to be doing what I love! 

Meet the Fjeldheim Family

Mark, Tess, Willa, Colvin, and Coralie